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Our Home Studio & Boutique

(Photo from 1912)

Situated on a former 19th and early 20th century Jerusalem artichoke farm with originally over 25 acres, our home was built in 1910 by entrepreneur Fred Langer and his wife Rosemary.   Our 140 year old barn houses the studio of renowned sculptor, Norbert Koehn.


Overlooking the Nine Mile Creek Wetlands, our land is embellished in natural beauty offering an eco-friendly, peaceful and spiritually uplifting gifting experience.  Wander or sit in peace, perhaps experience a meditative walk in our gardens and enjoy the peaceful aspects of selecting gifts in a classic European setting in our home.

Stroll our gardens, and enter our home of gifting wonders.  For Private commissions ,please schedule an appointment.

Our home is a special place.  A warm welcome and pleasant conversation is customary.  Here is a simple life filled with simple pleasures inspired by memories and wonderful life experiences.


*Beverages, food and desserts not created by the Sanctuary on Green are prohibited.

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